Settlement Services

Our Settlement division supports newcomers to settle, make new friends and understand their life in Canada. Several services specifically support refugees and refugee claimants. We provide services in-person and virtually across Metro Vancouver.

The last year was exceptionally busy for all our settlement services, especially our resettlement programs that continued to provide local supports for BC arrivals of refugees from Afghanistan.

Kathy Sherrell

Director of Settlement Services

Through our settlement programming, we emphasized health, digital literacy and social connectedness in several ways including:

  • Promoting active transportation through the Newcomer Bike Mentorship program.
  • Engaging seniors in first language digital literacy and skill building in the Healthy Body, Healthy Minds – A Focus on Connectedness and Wellbeing of Newcomer Seniors.
  • Training newcomer women on sustainable development goals and project implementation through the Women’s Insight program.
  • The expansion of our Resettlement Assistance and Settlement Orientation Services (SOS) programs supported and welcomed an increased number of refugees to Metro Vancouver.

Internally, we have continued to focus on staff professional development, mental health and wellbeing through learn and share sessions on key immigration topics, and regular group sessions and peer to peer support with a clinical counsellor.

We are deeply appreciative of the continued support of our funders, clients, volunteers and staff.

ISSofBC’s commitment to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of settling into a new country is truly remarkable. The range of services and resources they offer, from orientation and language support to employment assistance and community integration, is invaluable for those embarking on this transformative journey. ISSofBC blessed me with a friendly environment and helped me in finding a house.”
Rashid Waris
Refugee Assistance program (RAP) and Settlement programs