Strategic Vision – Where are we?

The last 12 months represented the first year of implementation of our strategic plan (2023 – 2025). You can read both a summary of the plan on our website and watch a video of our CEO, Jonathan Oldman, outlining key elements of the plan.

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The three years to 2025 have been targeted as a period of capacity building and deepening of core organizational competencies for ISSofBC. This phase will deliver a focused set of key innovations and sector leadership goals, all anchored by integrated action on the most vital social justice issues of our time.

By 2025, ISSofBC will have developed a stronger foundation for the next phase of our growth and be able to meet both the opportunities and challenges ahead with a clear vision and the strategies to best serve our growing communities.

We set ourselves an ambitious set of implementation goals for the year and the whole ISSofBC team responded with energy and commitment.

Significant progress was made in a range of organizational development priorities. We concluded the year with more services than ever being delivered, and with the largest staff and volunteer team in place (nearly 500 staff and over 450 volunteers). We invested significantly in the infrastructure and capacity necessary to support this growth, while also initiating a range of quality improvement and social justice initiatives that will continue for the duration of our current strategic plan.

Our organization, from the Board and senior leadership to direct service delivery teams, continues to be focused on the evolution of our organization and delivery of key performance targets. As we move into the second year of implementation of the strategic plan, we will be working to deliver on the vision and goals of the strategic plan, and in finding enhanced ways to define and measure those achievements. Our next annual report will include the first iteration of an organizational scorecard to demonstrate and report back on measurable progress.

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