Volunteers support our clients and staff in a different capacity: mentoring newcomers, practicing English with them, interpreting in multiple languages, navigating them in the community, introducing them to resources, and supporting with networking events.  We would like to extend our deep gratitude to our volunteers for their unwavering commitment to supporting our staff and clients, supporting  them to build a future in Canada.

Eleanor Endler
English conversation facilitator
“I feel my conversation circle has become a small community in itself, and it is so rewarding to see group members gain confidence both with their speaking English and navigating their lives in Canada, week by week.”
Haseen Fatima Amini
UWC Pearson Scholar, Volunteer Admin Assistant, Surrey and Langley

“Through my two years of volunteering as an admin assistant, I’ve learnt effective communication, office management, networking, event coordination, and helped with language interpretation in Persian, Dari, Spanish, Hindi and Urdu for newcomers to BC. One particularly touching experience involved assisting a family with twin babies during a medical emergency. One of the babies was struggling to breathe, and since the parents couldn’t communicate in English, I was able to step in and call an ambulance and get their child safely to hospital.

Wei Wang
Volunteer English Conversation Circle Facilitator, Langley
“Assisting in both English and Mandarin not only expanded my language skills, but also allowed me to make meaningful connections with those I was helping. This volunteer opportunity has truly enriched my life and strengthened my commitment to community service.”